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Rosario Ligammari

Half-Parisian, half-Sicilian, fond of melodic-synthetic music and strange cinema, Rosario Ligammari wore a journalist’s leather jacket during the two-thousand years.

He has written lengthy interviews, portraits and reports for various cultural media such as Gonzaï, through which he co-hosts for a time the musical program Gonzaï Show at the Gaîté Lyrique, but also Magic and then Section26, Des Mots de Minuit, Brain, Snatch, not forgetting Wyylde, where he talks about sexuality and feminism, as much through erotic literature as through explicit photography or cinema.

In 2021 he will publish Buongiorno Pop: 100 Italian albums from 1960 to the present day, the “pop” in the title referring to the music of Italy but also, more generally, to its pop culture. In addition to being in 2022 the host of Canzoni&Parole, the first Italian music festival in France, Rosario became a lecturer on transalpine culture as well as a DJ of musica italiana, proposing sets of retro or new songs and mixing in rock spots as well as at the Italian Embassy.