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Presentation of the collective

Don’t be disco – be Deviant Disco!

Such could be the motto of this unusual tribe, composed by a gathering of very open minded crate diggers, DJ’s, visual artists, performers and, in fine, partygoers. Their aim: to make you dance on sounds far, far away from conventional mass clubbing playlists. Born around the end on the 70’s on the ashes of psych-rock and flower power, the roots of disco music are to be found in the big NYC-area clubs and underground venues. Alas, it sometimes ended up sounding tediously formatted. As in all genres, a few artists nevertheless managed to free themselves from the original aspect of mainstream disco, twisting this musical style while giving birth to more thought-provoking subgenres. In the early 80’s, the italian cosmic disco scene would later pave the way for the so-called italo disco ; meanwhile in Europe, many composers – be they Belgian, French, German or Turkish, amongst other nationalities – would give rise to their very own definition of disco music. Soon after, avid listeners were to find disco productions available worldwide, in South-East Asia, in Africa, Brazil or even on the indian subcontinent, each area adding its own mixture to the canon of the genre. And in Europe, the massive use of synths and unforgiving four-to-the-floor drum machines progressively left complex melodies behind, shaping what would be known as synth wave and death disco.

Deviant Disco was born out of all these musical streams. Moreover, Deviant Disco is not only a team of furious DJ’s and diggers but a record label and a party promoter, too. Something sounding like disco, but which is not really disco: stay tuned for deviant releases, public events and musical delicatessen.