Hailing from Southwestern France where he dabbled in the 90’s rave scene, Ygal settled down in Paris when the newly coined French Touch was yet to emerge as a full-blown music genre. He began his musical career by editing a fanzine and joining an art crew while practicing deejaying. In the early noughties, after working for the french music channel MCM and a marketing agency, he decided in 2003 to indefinitely stay in Paris, freelancing for the now defunct music magazine BPM. He then met the founder of Versatile Records, the DJ & producer Gilb’r, who was at that time looking for a label manager. Their collaboration would last ten years, during which Ygal would be in charge of all the legal and financial aspects of the label, while also promoting Versatile’s parties & events. Simultaneously, he began working on his own structure, Les Edits du Golem. Now regularly spinning at venues as a Deviant Disco DJ, he’s still occasionally freelancing for independent french labels. This 110 BPM groovologist is both an intrepid selector and a collector in the know – join him on a journey across cosmic soundscapes, ranging from bizarre house music to ruthlessly efficient italo-disco ! Last but not least, Ygal sometimes joins forces onstage with Vidal Benjamin, forming an early house / new-beat / 90’s techno duo under the alias The Basseleen Boys.

He is also the curator of the compilation “Studiolo”, released in 2020 on Antinote/Dizonord and dedicated to the 90’s Afro/Cosmic scene.