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Eva Peel

Eva Peel started as a freelance journalist & music expert for several french magazines, such as Time Out (one of Paris’ top cultural city-guides), Trax or Tsugi. Always all over the place, she covered the hottest events of the french electronic music scene of the 90’s. Also fond of images, Eva stepped more than once behind the camera, notably co-directing a documentary about Detroit’s music scene in 2001 (Detroit 2001) and collaborating with various VJ’s and video artists. This led her to eventually seize the decks, (dis)playing a very eclectic personal selection of all the records she had gathered over years & years of digging. Effortlessly mixing cosmic grooves with italo-disco or synth-wave tracks with house and techno beats, Eva soon began producing her own music. She proceeded to release records in company of various partners, the first of the list being Mike Theis from Gyrls. Shortly after, in 2010, she co-founded Theremynt with Yann Richard : an electronica duo combining space-disco with experimental techno, always exploring the boundaries of electronic music. Their first endeavour, the Space Control LP, came out in 2012 on Neopren Records. Following their first EP, Silenzio, their second issue Robotique de l’Amour was released in may 2014, including remixes by Dombrance, Acid Washed & Gyrls. A third EP, Vampiros Discos, came out in 2016, featuring remixes by Acid Washed, Club Bizarre and David Carretta. Theremynt’s second full-length Parallels marks the end of the project. Eva Peel now collaborates with producer Marc FK Club on a new project “La Notte” and works  with musician David Keler on a synth pop duet “J’embrasse la première fois”.

A tireless digger with a keen eye for underground club tracks but first of all a music lover, Eva founded the Deviant Disco crew in 2014. Her goal: to bring together her DJ & producers entourage with artists from all around the world sharing the same passion for this disco-not-disco musical genre. Based in Paris but inherently international (Deviant Disco’s latest offshoot now brings the deviant vibe to Sao Paulo, Brazil), the team also launched in December 2015 a record label, Deviant Disco Records, aimed both at releasing original modern material as well as re-issueing and revamping lesser known disco jewels from a not so distant past.