Déviant Disco, La Station E, Montreuil. Crédit photo : Amanda Rougier

Don’t be disco, be deviant disco!

Artist collective based in Paris and founded by Eva Peel in 2014, Deviant Disco or the will to explore an electronic sound off the beaten tracks. Something sounding like disco but which is not Disco. Deviant Disco gathers 6 Djs, some are musicians or music producers, others only Djs or selector. We also collaborate promptly with Vjs or stage designers on some specific projects.

Main artists:

Also a record label, Deviant Disco has released 3 EPs mainly edits and will sign original production in the close future. Born out of Disco, Italo Disco, Synth Wave, Balearic House & Nu Disco. Moreover, Deviant Disco is not only a team of furious DJ’s and diggers but a record label and a party promoter, environment conscious, they collaborate on a regular basis with Solar Sound system.

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