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Various Artists – DDR002

Journey into exotic galaxies
Various French Artists (DDR002) Deviant Disco Records

Four tracks of stunning french disco in a wide range of styles : from 80s afrobeat to underground canadian cosmic groove, here is another bullet from the parisian gang!

Selected and edited by David Chouferbad & Fred Serendip.

A1 – Guehi Jean – Pantalon Craqué

Guéhi Jean is a key figure of Ivorian music and many of his records mixing funk, jazz and afrobeat are sought after nowadays. Having left Africa in order to make it in France, he recorded this digital afrobeat hit in Paris, then went back to his native country where he died in 2012. Despite his talent, Guéhi Jean didn’t get the recognition he deserved.

A2 – Michel Conte & Cie – Magoshan

A disco anthem composed for Quebec cultists wearing flares, or the main theme from an obscure series ? Anyway it is time to acclaim Magoshan’s pulsing come back on the dancefloor!

B1 – Jean-Michel Gascuel – Dominus

This French composer who collaborated with Pierre Schaeffer was also a great lyricist working for the likes of Vivian Vee or Suzy Andrews, and a fashion designer. With its Latin touch, this track is a little UFO standing out of the rest of his French productions, so let us be blessed by Dominus Domine Dominarum.

B2 – Michel Robidoux – Les Planètes

This track by composer Michel Robidoux featured on a kidisk with a book called “Visitons les Planètes avec Goldorak” and was released in Canada in 1980. This incredible space jam was chosen as a macaroon for this new EP – our tribute to an amazing composer who wrote more than 325 songs and even collaborated with Leonard Cohen.

Mastered by Guillaume Collavizza
Design by Alan Briand
Selection & edits :  Fred Serendip and David Chouferbad