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5 tracks playlist – Saint-Valentin 2022 by Jpye

1. Let’s start slowly with this B side from 1980. A 7” single apparently written, auto produced and self released by a 17 yo french girl following her dream. It is surprisingly a well produced record for a kind of demo and her voice is extremely moving, innocent and emotional. 

2. We’re staying in 1980 but crossing the pond to end up in Trinidad and Tobago for this underrated tropical soul disco beauty. For those already fan of Mavis John’s Use My Body on Kalinda (probably one of the best and hottest ever groove in the universe), this is another much less known Kalinda record produced by T.Wilson

3. Next is a very sweet soft rocky cocktail vibe disco number by French Italian Barbara Marchand in 1979. I don’t really understand the full story in the song but wow, just wow! 

4. Warming up with a super love, a super man, a super kiss, well this is Superlove, a super obscure, super catchy italian disco from 1979 

5. Pour danser avec votre loverboy/lovergirl -ce disque portugais incroyable qu’on peut imaginer droppé par Mancuso à une Loft Party. Avec une voix qui fait penser à Sylvester, cette version est une edit bien cool de 2018 de Capone – Music Love Song de 1979. I love you ♪ ♫, I Love you ♪ ♫, I love you ♪ ♫…