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5 tracks playlist – Saint-Valentin 2022 by Eva Peel

1. To convince your date to come with you to this party @ La Java with your mates and jump on your scooter – Love on the Rocks !

2. Between a couple of drinks, you can always spin that timeless track to that creature that you saw on the dancefloor 

3.When you come out of the club, you can play this track as loud as possible in your stereo and if you don’t have a car, ask the driver from the Taxi if you can play it on your telephone 

4. It’s ten o’clock, you decide to keep it light and smooth and play this cover of famous french 80s tune Dis-moi que tu m’aimes by La Notte di Parigi – it is unreleased and will come out soon on Deviant Disco record label, so you score a point here…

5. You got your date’s telephone number and the day after you send  this track, in  italian- of course, you’re not saying you’re going to release a tribute to tChristophe, probably the most gipsy of all french cronners , it would ruin the whole plan …